The Essential Horse eBook

Supporting your horse's wellbeing with pure essential oils

Whether you're a horse owner, taking riding lessons or just someone who dreams of riding and owning a horse one day, this book is for you

We have put our extensive horse expertise, health knowledge, our hearts and our souls (and some sweat and tears) into creating a resource book to guide you in your work with horses. 

The Essential Horse shows you how to use 20 essential oils to address a full range of your horse's health concerns.

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The Essential horse will help you: 

  • ✔ Learn how to use 20 essential oils safely on your horse

  • ✔ Address emotions such as shyness, spooking, aggression, restlessness or nervousness

  • ✔ Deal with first aid situations while waiting for your vet's arrival, such as cuts, muscle or ligament injuries, skin rashes, a sore tooth or hoof issues

  • ✔ Support your horse's digestive concerns such as loose or hard stools, refusal to eat or belly aches

  • ✔ Provide natural support for chronic issues such as inflamed joints, moody mare symptoms or anxiety over trailering 
And much much more!

Amanda has performed real miracles. She was working with our herd and noticeably advanced their condition and well-being. We were running a welfare organization offering hippotherapy to children with physical and mental disabilities. Amanda's deep knowledge greatly added to our program. 
She really outdid herself when we took in a rescue horse, a 6-year-old strawberry roan. Lily the Pink was no more than skin and bones and a bundle of nerves. We thought she would no longer be fit to be worked with and would spend the rest of her life grazing the farm. But Amanda worked with her with gentleness and consistency and before our eyes, she transformed. She regained all her conditions. Within a very short time, Amanda had given her so much confidence, that she was able to ride her. 
We are so grateful to and in awe of Amanda's work with our horses!
-- Natalie Barber, South Africa


The Essential Horse contains these main chapters:
How to use essential oils
Essential oils safety
Essential Oils list (20 oils usage chart)
Emotions - Daily life
Emotions - Training
First aid
Skin issues
Eyes, ears, nose, mouth
Diet & Digestion
All the rest (miscellaneous concerns such as moody mare, transportation, etc)

About the Authors

Since young childhood Amanda has been able to get inside a horse's head and understand how they think, feel and react. Her very extensive horse experience includes working as a groom, head stable hand, wrangler, guide and teamster throughout Canada. Amanda spent a year working as an equine midwife in both Australia and Canada, personally foaling over 400 mares and assisting with equine surgeries. She has rehabilitated problem horses around the world. 

Aside from horses, Daniela's passion is to educate and inspire others to fulfill their greatest potential. She runs her own practice as a live/dried blood cell analyst, homeopath and essential oils educator. From vaulting on horses as a child to riding hunter jumper in her 20's, she now loves backcountry riding.

Make every day with your horse the best day ever

Magic happens when your horse is healthy, happy and focused on working with you.
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