How to use lemon essential oil for horses

Lemon with its uplifting and refreshing properties has many benefits for horses. These include overall health support, increased energy and mental focus, and as an effective cleaner for tack and equipment. Read on to find out how lemon's versatility can improve the lives of you and your horse. The Science Species: citrus limon Aromatic descr...

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Frankincense: the King of Oils even for horses

Frankincense is known as the "king of oils" and for good reason. Not only has its use been cherished since biblical times, today frankincense helps support horses and people both physically and emotionally. It is excellent for helping to establish a sense of trust and connection. It chemical composition gives it great value as an anti-oxidant ...

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What you need to know before giving your horse essential oils for dietary (internal) use

When used responsibly and with an understanding of how they work, many essential oils are very safe for horses to ingest. In fact, horses have ingested essential oils as part of whole plants since the beginning of their existence. In this article, we will discuss safety, dosage and application of using essential oils internally for horses. Essential oils ...

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Amanda and Daniela at the doTERRA Sandalwood reserve in Hawaii

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