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Horses can feel the strain of a good workout just like people do. Help soothe your horse's muscles before and after a training session with essential oils.  Today we're going to look specifically at how doTERRA's Deep Blue blend can support your horse. It's definitely a staple in our barns and saddle bags, both for us and our horses. Keep reading to find out...

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How to support your horse's breathing with essential oils

We all feel better when we can take deep energizing breaths of air, our horses included. From seasonal stresses to acute or chronic issues, essential oils can help support the respiratory system. In this article learn how to use a respiratory blend of essential oils to help your horse breathe easier and better.  The Science Species:  Laurel leaf (Laurus nobi...

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Oregano Essential Oil: Immune booster for horses and so much more

Many of us reach for a bottle of oregano essential oil when feeling under the weather or when traveling. With its antiseptic and immune stimulating properties, oregano essential oil can also be of great benefit to your horse. Read on to find out the surprising emotional benefit of using oregano essential oil and for a go-to hoof care recipe! The Science Spec...

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3 Positions for hand walking your horse (and when each is most appropriate)

Walking with your horse can be fun, therapeutic and, when done correctly, a very effective training tool. Read on to find out three key positions for hand-walking a horse and when each position is most appropriate.  What is positioning during hand-walking?  In our Oils for Horses courses , we talk about walking with your horse specific to certain goals or i...

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How your horse can benefit from lemon essential oil

Lemon with its uplifting and refreshing properties has many benefits for horses. These include overall detoxification, immune support and increased energy and mental focus. Lemon also makes an effective cleaner for tack and equipment. Read on to find out how lemon's versatility can improve the lives of you and your horse.  The Science Species:  citrus limon ...

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Frankincense: the King of Oils even for horses

Frankincense is known as the "king of oils" and for good reason. Not only has its use been cherished since biblical times, today frankincense helps support horses and people both physically and emotionally. It is excellent for helping to establish a sense of trust and connection.  It chemical composition gives it great value as an anti-oxidant to support cel...

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5 Reasons to Love Peppermint Essential Oil For Horses and Riders

Peppermint is a versatile essential oil and we think you and your horse will really love the many benefits it offers. Peppermint can support digestive and respiratory health, boost alertness/energy, provide tension relief and act as a natural pest deterrent. Peppermint can be inhaled, applied topically and taken internally by both horses and people. We love ...

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With tea tree essential oil, you can find natural support for all your horse's little bumps and bruises.  When it comes to cleaning, disinfecting, addressing bacterial concerns or anti-just-about-anything-unwanted, tea tree tops the charts. Its incredible all-purpose cleansing action and safe, all-natural composition makes tea tree essential oil an ideal fir...

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The top physical and emotional benefits of using lavender essential oil for your horse

Lavender is the most used and best known essential oil in the world. It can provide the same health benefits for horses as it can for people, including support for skin issues, first aid and emotional concerns. As Carole Faith states, “If you have no other oil but this one, you would still be able to cover a wide range of presenting problems”. The Science of...

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4 Easy essential oil tips for protecting your horse's skin from spring mud

Although the arrival of spring is often eagerly anticipated, it brings with it a few added complications for our horses and ourselves. The prolonged dampness of spring mud can create a whole host of issues for the skin on a horse's legs.  Here are 4 easy essential oil solutions to help protect your horse from muddy conditions .   Skin problems caused by pro...

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What you need to know before giving your horse essential oils for dietary (internal) use

When used responsibly and with an understanding of how they work, many essential oils are very safe for horses to ingest. In fact, horses have ingested essential oils as part of whole plants since the beginning of their existence. In this article, we will discuss safety, dosage and application of using essential oils internally for horses.  Essential oils co...

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4 Effective ways to apply essential oils topically on your horse

The topical application of essential oils is a simple and effective method for your horse to get a variety of benefits, from supporting skin and muscles to whole body systems. Find out some of the science behind it and three ways to apply the technique. The science As with humans, a horse's skin is actually an organ with many important jobs, such as regulati...

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The nitty gritty science behind how your horse benefits from smelling essential oils.

Inhaling the aroma of an essential oil allows your horse to benefit from the therapeutic properties of that particular plant essence. Using essential oils aromatically actually involves a lot of chemistry between the essential oil and the horse's brain and other body systems. Today we are going to take a deeper look at the science of using therapeutic grade ...

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6 great ways to use essential oils aromatically on and around your horse

Using essential oils aromatically means allowing your horse to inhale the aroma of the oil. There are so many ways to use essential oils aromatically on and around horses. Here we list 6 of our favourite methods that will allow your horse to benefit from these amazing oils safely, easily and effectively! The ways you can facilitate this method are almost as ...

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What exactly are essential oils anyway?

What are essential oils? Are they safe? What do we do with them? Who can use essential oils?  These are just some of the questions that came up for us when we first began researching natural solutions for people and animals.  We are going to start you on the journey of learning more about essential oils and how they can benefit your life and the life of your...

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5 Reasons why certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils are the best option for your horse

Find out what to look for in order to get the purest and most potent therapeutic quality essential oils for your horse. Key point: Purity is vitally important so that you and your horse can repeatedly get the maximum benefits from essential oils without adverse reactions. We have divided the article into a summary version (Pony Points) and an in-depth versio...

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