Frankincense: the King of Oils even for horses

Frankincense is known as the "king of oils" and for good reason. Not only has its use been cherished since biblical times, today frankincense helps support horses and people both physically and emotionally. It is excellent for helping to establish a sense of trust and connection. 

It chemical composition gives it great value as an anti-oxidant to support cellular health. Its incredible supportive qualities help to potentize any other oil it is paired with. 

Once you experience the power of frankincense you will want to keep a supply on hand at all times. After reading this article, be sure to leave us a comment. We would love to know: what is your favourite take-away for using frankincense on your horse?

The Science

Species: boswellia carterii, boswellia papyrifera, boswellia frereana, boswellia sacra
Aromatic description: warm, spicy
The chemical constituents: Alpha-pinene is the main constituent of Frankincense. This monoterpene alkene molecule has strong bonds which makes them great at cleaning up free radicals. So along with being a great antioxidant, they are also able to help rejuvenate the skin, support a healthy inflammatory response and promote relaxation.
Where in the World: DōTERRA sustainably sources Frankincense from Somaliland, Ethiopia and Oman.
How it is Made: The resin is hydrodistilled from the Boswellia trees. doTERRA uses all four subspecies of the boswellia tree in order to achieve the widest possible range of beneficial properties. 
The research: PubMed has 731 articles on the benefits of Frankincense

Benefits of Frankincense

For maximum benefits, essential oils need to be absolutely pure. Please read our article on Purity here if you have not done so already. 
Physical: for cellular support

Emotional: Connection, strength, integrity
Frankincense is wonderful to help with general anxiety, especially if it is accompanied with restlessness.
If the trust has been broken, bring out the Frankincense to help support the rebuilding of the lost connection. 

Daniela recently suggested frankincense to a yearling filly who had to be moved to a new pasture. She had not been halter broken and the owner ended up roping the filly and more or less dragging her to the new field. This incident caused her to become sensitive around the neck and head area. To help re-establish trust, the filly was allowed to inhale lavender and frankincense. A trusted handler of the filly also did some energy and massage work around the neck area. 

Frankincense provides great support when you need to send a horse to a new home or are welcoming it to yours.

Other:Frankincense is not just limited to horses; your other fur friends can benefit as well. Amanda knows a Great Dane, who in his older years developed a rather severe case of separation anxiety. His owner has a close relationship with his vet and they made sure they tried everything possible. It was decided he was developing a kind of doggie dementia with his symptom picture. When the medicine the vet recommended did not work the other option was to just support him as much as possible. As much as possible, the owner ensured that the dog had a person around him who he knew well. They also no longer let him out alone (he had started to get himself a bit lost on the farm while wandering). Third, they asked Amanda if she had any suggestions they could try. She did! Amanda suggested a couple drops of Frankincense at the back of his head (the poll area) daily. The owner reported that she noticed it helped and eventually she was able to cease the daily administration and just use it for times of extreme stress. 

Frankincense is an excellent oil for rescue cases, both horses and other animals.

Do you love frankincense yet? Comment below to tell us what you think about this amazing oil!

Suggestions for Using Frankincense 

1. For general support, apply along the spine (undiluted or diluted with an appropriate carrier oil). Please read our article on how to use essential oils topically for more information.
2. Apply directly to area of concern for skin issues. 
3. Allow your horse to inhale frankincense aromatically off your hands. 
4. Add frankincense to a scent location (something your horse cannot eat but can access freely that you can apply oil to) or use in a diffuser. 
5. Frankincense can be given internally in feed or directly to bucal membranes (pull the horse's bottom lip away from the gums and add a drop of essential oil to that pocket between gums and lip. Read our article on giving essential oils internally for more information. 

Recipe corner

Nervous trailering: Combine 1 drop each of lavender and frankincense to your palm and allow your horse to inhale the aroma. This should be done 10-15 minutes before loading the horse onto the trailer. In addition, you can apply 1 drop each of lavender and frankincense to the noseband of the halter to help create a sense of calm and trust. 

Soothing Skin Blend: Into a 1 oz glass bottle, add 20 drops lavender, 10 drops tea tree and 10 drops frankincense essential oils. Top with carrier oil (ie fractionated coconut oil) and secure lid. Shake gently before use. Apply directly to affected skin area for soothing effects. 

Hot Hoof Support (developed by Janet Roark, DVM)
Into a 2 oz spray bottle, combine 20 drops lemongrass, 10 drops frankincense, 10 drops thyme, 5 drops geranium and 5 drops myrrh essential oils. Top with carrier oil (ie fractionated coconut oil) and secure spray top. Shake gently before use. Dr Roark suggests to apply this spray to the hoof and coronet band to promote healthy circulation and relief. 

As always, please consult your qualified veterinarian for the diagnoses and treatment of your horse's health conditions. 

Now it's your turn! Comment below to tell us what you love about frankincense! We love to hear from you and will reply to all comments. If you don't have our "Top 5" Essential Oils guide for horses yet, do not delay! It's free and a handy introduction and reference guide, filled with recipes and real-life stories. Simply download your free guide by filling out the form on the sidebar of our blog section. 

Our passion to provide natural, effective solutions for you and horse. Solutions that are cost-effective and there for you just when you need them. 

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