The top physical and emotional benefits of using lavender essential oil for your horse

Lavender is the most used and best known essential oil in the world. It can provide the same health benefits for horses as it can for people, including support for skin issues, first aid and emotional concerns. As Carole Faith states, “If you have no other oil but this one, you would still be able to cover a wide range of presenting problems”.

The Science of Lavender 

Species: lavandula angustifolia
Aromatic description: Sweet, floral, clean. Middle note.
Chemical constituents: High amounts of the chemical compound group of esters, specifically the chemical constituents linalool and linalyl acetate help provide the cleaning and exceptional calming properties of Lavender.
Where in the World: dōTERRA sources their Lavender from both Bulgaria and France. Both have superior knowledge of growing and the perfect growing conditions for lavender. France has been growing lavender since 600 BC. 
How it is Made: Steam distillation of the flowers, stems and leaves picked at an optimal time of harvest produces an essential oil rich in therapeutic qualities and retains the beautiful floral scent. It takes 35 lbs of Lavender flowers to make one 15 mL bottle of CPTG lavender oil. 
The research: 2578 published articles on Lavender on PubMed

The Benefits of Lavender

  • Fantastic for the skin, soothing both irritants (ie rashes) and cuts/abrasions. 
  • Helpful in relieving the effects of sunburn and other skin burns. 
  • Improves tolerance of stressful situations.
  • Can help cognitive issues in older animals. 
  • Helpful with respiratory ailments. 
  • Known for calming and relaxing properties.
  • Invokes feelings of courage and confidence. 
  • Lavender's calming and sedative qualities makes it ideal for shy horses, helping them connect with their riders 
  • Great for the horse who is nervous before a show or any training session. 

Good to Know

  • This is our go to skin irritant support remedy for anyone and everyone, child to horse
  • Not only does it speed recovery it takes the sting right out of the scrape. 
  • Lavender is safe for even the most fragile recipients but ensure the lavender essential oil is pure and of therapeutic quality (we recommend only doTERRA's CPTG quality)
  • Lavender ' is one of the most adulterated and synthetically altered oils on the market today’ 1. 
  • Potential side effect of applying an adulterated lavender essential oils is ending up with a chemical burn, especially when the intention was to aid healing traumatized skin. 
  • Please read our article on essential oil purity for more information

How to use Lavender Essential Oil on and around Your Horse: 

To benefit from lavender's calming and regenerative properties, try one of the following applications:
  • A few drops on your horse's chest will allow for the double benefit of aromatic and topical use, creating a sense of calm, supporting the respiratory tract and addressing any local skin irritations. Click here to read our article on how to use essential oils topically on your horse. 
  • For a horse with a sensitive temperament, you can try adding a couple drops to feed daily. Read our article on using essential oils for dietary/internal use here
  • Remember to use the oil 15-20 minutes before you know a stressful situation is coming up. This helps the horse handle the stress from an already calm state. 
  • Use the oil for yourself as well if you are experiencing anxiety. 
  • Some things your horse may find stressful: Farrier visit, trailering, new herd mate, training, hacking alone or in a group, shadows in the ring and so on. 
  • You can try diffusing lavender near your riding area, the horse's stall or inside the horse trailer. Please read our article on how to use essential oils aromatically by clicking here
  • This oil is safe for non diluted (neat) application; you can apply directly to area of concern for skin issues or down the spine for general benefits.
  • As always, check your competition guidelines to make sure there are no restrictions for using lavender essential oil prior to your event. If using lavender is a concern, then stopping use 24 hours before a competition will keep you within the regulation limits in most circumstances.

Recipe corner

DIY Lavender Spray for horses:
  • Into a 16 oz glass spray bottle, add 20-30 drops CPTG Lavender essential oil and top up with distilled or pure water. 
  • Shake well before use and spray on your horse (avoid eyes and inside of nose), stall walls, blankets, bedding or any other surface that will provide a calming aroma from which your horse can benefit. 
  • You can use this mist after training, before you turn your horse out or return it to its stall. This will allow your horse to experience lavender's relaxing benefits to help ease the stress of the training session. 

Tips for Riders

Taking care of your own health and especially supporting your mental/emotional health will be one of the best things you can do for your relationship with your horse. Try massaging 1-2 drops of lavender directly into your temples and at the base of your neck. This can help assist with the stress, tension, anxiety and headaches from show jitters or give you support any day life has dished up more than you expected. 

Some people have used lavender to ease the symptoms of sniffly noses and runny eyes not uncommon in a barn setting. Place one drop orally, under the tongue, then swallow with water. For more specific allergy-type support, try combining one drop each of lavender, lemon and peppermint essential oils. Rub together in your palms, then cup hands lightly over your nose and inhale deeply. 

And one more tip to get you started with lavender: use this amazing essential oil to help soothe those dry cracked hands or heels. Add a couple drops of lavender to your favourite base cream or to some FCO (fractionated coconut oil) and rub in to help soothe the skin.

Find out more

We know you will love the many benefits that lavender can provide you and your horse. Have you used lavender for your horse or yourself? We would love to hear your experiences, testimonials and stories! Reply in the comment section below or email us at

Are you ready to get started with certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils? Lavender is a great introductory oil to the many benefits of essential oils. Click here to find out how to purchase doTERRA essential oils or send us a quick email. 

With love,
Amanda, REMT, DMH
Daniela, BBA, Dyn. BC, DHHP


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