Oregano Essential Oil: Immune booster for horses and so much more

Many of us reach for a bottle of oregano essential oil when feeling under the weather or when traveling. With its antiseptic and immune stimulating properties, oregano essential oil can also be of great benefit to your horse. Read on to find out the surprising emotional benefit of using oregano essential oil and for a go-to hoof care recipe!

The Science

Species: origanum vulgare
Aromatic description: Strong, sharp, spicy
The chemical constituents: The phenol carvacrol is very cleansing in nature and found in very high quantities in oregano. Also found is the monoterpene alkene para-cymene which promotes healthy cellular function and the gamma-terpinenes which protect against environmental threats.   
Where in the World: dōTERRA sources Oregano in Turkey and Kenya. It grows wild in Turkey. 
How it is Made: the leaves are steam distilled.


Physical: For immune support; one vet suggests that oregano could be indicated in almost every condition if used properly. Antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory, wart removing, expectorant, diuretic, immune stimulating
Emotional: Release the need for control; if your horse seems to be rigid in some aspect of training and you can't get him to budge, oregano has been shown to assist in helping horses become more flexible and willing. The same applies to people. 

Warning: This is a HOT oil, meaning that it can burn your skin if undiluted. However, horses don't seem to be affected by this and even a straight (NEAT) application of oregano essential oil can be dropped inside the buccal pouch or lower lip with no adverse effects. That said we still recommend diluting this oil at least 50:50 with a carrier oil, apple sauce, or other favourite food. 

Suggestions how to Use

  • Use orally to support general conditions and use topically for specific issues. Mastitis would be an example of both but urinary infection would be oral and abscesses and fungal infections would be local. Always consult your vet before giving essential oils. 
  • Even when giving in food it is still recommended that you dilute oregano oil with a carrier oil. 
  • Orally give no more than 10 drops a day for acute situations and at the discretion of your vet. 
  • Oregano and tea tree can be used with great success for bacterial conditions of the hoof specifically, or any other part of the body where bacterial infection is a concern. In combination, these oils destroy the slime of the bacterial cell wall and then burst the cell wall so the body can clean up the bits and detox the area. 


Our go-to antiseptic blend for hooves and to boost your horse's immune function:
10 drops tea tree
5 drops oregano
5 drops frankincense
carrier oil or water
1 oz spray bottle
Add essential oils to a glass spray bottle and top off with either carrier oil or water (depending on whether you want to keep the area moist or dry). Shake well and spray onto affected area 2-3 times daily. Bandage the hoof as needed.  For overall immune support, you can apply along the spine once daily. Always consult with your vet before using essential oils on your horse. 

Note: Essential oil purity will affect efficacy. Read about purity by clicking here. To learn more about applying essential oils topically on your horse, read our article here

Interested in learning more about tea tree essential oil for horses? Click here. Frankincense? Click here!

Oregano is a must-have in your first aid tool box. Let us know if you have any questions about this incredibly potent essential oil. 

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With love,
Amanda and Daniela
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