Our Story. Horses, oils and all.  
Daniela and Roxie in the Monashee Mountains


Ever feel like, no matter how hard you train, your horse still doesn't quite do what you want him to do? 

Do you dread every little scratch, lame step or cough because it means a ton of downtime and half your month's grocery budget? 

You know that the connection between you and your horse could be better. If Amber from Heartland can do it, so can you, yes? Maybe?

You know that you should be able get on your horse and ride without fear.


You just haven't come across anything natural that actually works.

And maybe people like Parelli are really just 'born with it'.

Good news: You don't have to give up on your horse dreams. Not when you work with us.

Here's why:

When you work with us, you have access to decades of our international horse care and training expertise.

Hello. Amanda here. All my life, I have been getting to know horses inside and out. 
Aside from growing up with horses, I have worked as a:
  • groom for the Governor General Polo Club, 
  • head stable hand at a large mixed discipline facility outside of Toronto (Ian Millar and Big Ben competed there)
  • wrangler/teamster in the Canadian Rockies,
  • groom at Woodbine Racetrack
  • driver/teamster for carriage tours in Victoria
and I have 
  • prepped colts for one of the biggest stud farms in North America,
  • personally foaled over 400 mares 
  • assisted with equine surgeries
  • rehabilitated problem horses all around the world
  •  certification in equine massage therapy (REMT)
But the problem was...

I carried all this knowledge locked away and had no idea how to share it with the world. 
Along came Daniela. 

She inspired me to finally listen to my heart and fulfill my life's work in helping to bring people and horses together in a way that every horse crazy person dreams about. 

Hey! It's Daniela! I have to tell you this story, it's incredible. 

Amanda and I were on a doTERRA incentive trip in Hawaii, touring around in a fun white jeep and sightseeing the island from top to bottom. 

That meant hours of sitting together in the car, eating macadamia nuts and well, talking about our juicy lives. 

I told Amanda all about my little red mare Roxie and how she has her own ideas on how things should be done. Worst, she was terribly herd bound.

One time I took her out of the field, and when she realized the other horses weren't coming along, she reared up on me, tried to pull the lead rope out my hand and even tried to run me over. It took me 15 minutes to lead her 100 feet away. 

After that I was so scared, I put her in a pasture by herself. 

Which made her lonely and left me feeling guilty. 

Now I am crying to Amanda about this in Hawaii. Out of the blue, she gave me some ideas on how to help Roxie connect with me better so that she won't mind leaving the herd. 

Her advise was genius! 

And it also made me wonder.  

"What a minute here, Amanda. What else have you been hiding from me?".

It turns out that we have been friends since 2005 and I had no idea she had done all this work with horses. 

I mean intense, crazy work. 

Like, turning horses that were written off as dog food into calm trail horses that even my grandma could ride. 

So I had this brilliant idea.  

Why don't we use my experience in business and working as a natural health practitioner with Amanda's horse genius to start Oils for Horses!? 

And voila. Here we are. 

When you work with us, you'll learn how to use pure essential oils to address every aspect of your horse's well-being.

Even though we both hold diplomas in homeopathy and other natural health disciplines, we have made essential oils our focus. 


Essential oils that are pure and of therapeutic quality have a very fast and powerful effect on your body, your emotions, your mental health and on your environment too. 

If you have ever applied lavender oil onto a burn and felt its immediate soothing relief, you will know why. 

Or rubbed a digestive blend of essential oils onto the tummy of a fussy baby and witnessed her become calm and quiet within minutes. 

(Works for Dads, Grandmas and neighbours too. Anyone, really!)

Or applied a calming blend of essential oils before taking your horse into the arena to go for those big jumps, and felt your anxious feelings melt away into a sense of "I can do this...and more!". 

Or better yet, give some to your horse too and let the world watch the two of you shine. 

We have seen countless profound ways in which essential oils have supported people in their health and well-being. 

So we studied the research of veterinarians who work with essential oils. We studied the chemistry of the essential oils and the anatomy of the horse. 

And guess what!

Essential oils work for horses as well (or maybe even better?) as for people!

Here are our top 5 reasons why we know you'll love doTERRA and their CPTG essential oils:

  • doTERRA sources its essential oils from where plants natively thrive, which boosts the effectiveness of the oils and supports farmers all around the world

  • doTERRA verifies the purity of its essential oils using third party testing and anyone can look up the test results using a batch number on each bottle of essential oil. That means the essential oils will always work as intended and we don't have to worry about potential side effects from added fillers, impurities or synthetic additives. We love doTERRA's transparency! 

  • doTERRA offers a great return policy. If you're not satisfied with the essential oils, you can return them opened within 30 days for a refund or product credit, or return them unopened within a year for a refund or credit. Now that's peace of mind!

  • doTERRA has a business model that is paving the way for future companies to follow. We have not come across any company with the same commitment to purity, ethical and sustainable business practices, or dedication to its suppliers, employees and partners. No wonder doTERRA is the fastest growing company. Ever. 
Now that you know why we will only work with doTERRA essential oils, you will want to know how you can use them to help your horse. 

And that's perfect. 

Because that's why we are here. 

To help you and your horse build the kind of relationship that every horse nut dreams about. 

To help you support your horse's health and well-being in such a way that nothing stands in your way. 

Not hot hooves, not old injuries, not age, not fear of falling. 

And certainly not money. 

If you are ready to help your horse with guaranteed results and without breaking the bank, then download your free e-book "Uncap the Dream" now. 

Or, if you already have it, read it and loved it (we knew you would), then hop over to our Courses page to find the program that was written just for you and your horse. 

Our Official Bios

For media interviews, please email us at hello@oilsforhorses.com

Amanda Lamb, REMT, DMH

Amanda has been likened to a horse whisperer. Since young childhood she has been able to get inside a horse's head and understand how they think, feel and react. Her very extensive horse experience includes working for the Governor General polo club, as a groom for high maintenance horses at Woodbine racetrack, as a head stable hand for a large multi-discipline riding facility outside of Toronto and as a guide and wrangler for Anchor D Guiding and Outfitting. She prepped colts for one of the biggest stud farms in North America and worked as a driver/teamster giving carriage tours in Victoria, Vancouver Island. Amanda spent a year working as an equine midwife in both Australia and Canada, personally foaling over 400 mares and assisting with equine surgeries. She has rehabilitated problem horses around the world, including in South Africa, France, Scotland, Equador, Germany and Canada.

Amanda has a special touch in calming high strung horses to become relaxed, steady and confident. She is a registered Equine Massage Therapist, Heilkunst practitioner, therapeutic essential oils educator and Mom to her daughter Lily. 

Daniela Harfman, BBA, DHHP, Dyn.BC

Aside from horses, Daniela's passion is to educate and inspire others to fulfill their greatest potential. After graduating with a business degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, Daniela started her career as a software trainer, developing and executing both in-person and online training programs. While she loved teaching, she soon realized that her true calling was in natural health education. Upon earning her diploma in homeopathy/Heilkunst and a certification as Live/Dried Blood Analyst, she started her own health practice in 2010. In addition, she is a homeschooling Mom of three amazing children and a certified essential oils specialist with doTERRA. 

From vaulting on horses as a child to riding hunter jumper in her 20's, she now loves backcountry riding with her mare Roxie. Daniela lives with her family in British Columbia, Canada. 

What others have to say.

I worked with Amanda conducting horse-drawn carriage tours in a busy city - an environment that was usually fast-paced and occasionally downright risky. Amanda was always the consummate professional, and took everything in stride. Her top priority was always the health and well-being of the horses we worked with, and the horses all loved working with Amanda more than anyone else.
- Heather Nanning
Daniela is compassionate, conscientious and passionate about what she does. She will work tirelessly to ensure that you are given the best care possible. In the short time I have worked with her, she has provided me with invaluable guidance which has led to symptom relief and more vitality. Her knowledge in the area of homeopathy and DoTERRA essential oils is unparalleled and anyone who has the chance to work with her is truly fortunate.
- Lisa Rutherford


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Specific topics include:
  • reducing stress 
  • managing pain
  • improving communications
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