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Specific topics include:
  • reducing stress 
  • managing pain
  • improving communications
  • training tips for young horses
  •  supporting old or rescue horses
  •  dealing with seasonal concerns
  • how to use essential oils to make barn chores more effective
  • and so much more!

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How do Essential Oils Help Your horse?

It's simple. Essential oils are natural chemicals extracted from plants. In nature, a plant uses its essential oil components to help it thrive and survive. 

That means repelling hostile bugs and attracting beneficial ones. Combating moulds, bacteria and other pesky organisms. Repairing cellular damage. 

Essential oils heal, repair and protect.  

Just like plants use essential oils to support their ideal state of health, you and your horse can use these oils to get the same result... faster than Secretariat ran the Belmont Stakes and as easy as an afternoon snooze in a sunlit pasture. 

Why We get results

Hi. We are Amanda and Daniela. You might be surprised to know that:

1. We live on (almost) opposite ends of the country.

2. We have fallen off horses more times than we care to remember.

3. After earning diplomas in homeopathy, equine massage therapy, live/dried blood analysis, a degree in business and who knows what else, we finally found our calling when we combined two of our passions: essential oils and horses. (And yes we are certified essential oils specialists too.) 

4. Amanda has been secretly hoarding over 20 years of intense horse training, foaling, riding and driving experience. 

5. Daniela's job is to make sure that you get to learn what Amanda knows. She's helped people reach their health and life goals for over 10 years. 

Guess what! Now we're ready to share it all with you. 
Yes, you. 

If you want to be like Albert was to Joey, or like Alec was to Black, we're ready to knock your boot socks off. 

Amanda on a pack trip in the Canadian Rockies

What others have to say.

When I met Amanda she was working in Alberta as a teamster and trail guide. Her affinity with the horses was instantly apparent. I recall an incident in which her horse sense intersected with her passion for healing.
An infection had developed on the brow of one of the horses. There was no apparent contamination of the wound but it had not responded to antibiotics. Things were looking grim. Amanda took over care and quickly began drawing out the the infection using a tea tree salve, ultimately removing a loose bone chip. Amanda advocated for the animal to travel with her as her duties took her from camp to camp in the Canadian Rockies, ensuring continuity of care and a full recovery under challenging conditions.
When it comes to horses and healing, going above and beyond the call of duty is Amandas natural state of being.
-- Keith Walton.